October 30, 2013

Kansas City Missouri River Ed Events

Kansas City Missouri River Ed Events
“Day on the River”- Riverfront Park, KC, MO
“KC Watershed Festival”- Lakeside Nature Center, KC, MO
October 2-4th, 2013
Staley High School:  14
Benjamin Banneker:  40
KC Watershed Festival:  160
MRR Crew:  11
Total Students & Teachers:  234
Service Learning Clean-ups:  6
Rivermiles Cleaned:  5 (Missouri River miles 360 – 365)
Total Tonnage:  .8 tons

Day on the River Presenters:
KC Parks & KC Wildlands - River Wildlife & Conservation, live reptiles & birds
US Army Corps of Engineers – Conservation Careers, MO River Recovery, live fish & turtles 
MRR - Know Your Big Muddy, Recycle Relay

KC Watershed Presentations:  Recycle Relay, Trash Boat, Enviro Scape

Sponsors:  “Day on the River” is supported by grants from US Fish and Wildlife Service, Mo. Dept. of Natural Resources and Mo. Dept. of Conservation. 

The Kansas City Watershed Festival hosted by the Little Blue River Watershed Assoc. and Healthy Rivers Partnership. 

Coordinators:  Day on the River:  Steve Schnarr, Dave & Fran Stous
                             KC Watershed Festival:  Larry O’Donnell, Vicki Richmond

“Day on the River” Trash Tally!

38 Bags of Trash
1 Big TV Screen
1 Chair Cushion
2 Plastic Pots
1 5-gal. Bucket
1 Turtle Sand Box
1Big Blue Packer
2 Tires
50 lbs Scrap Metal
50 ft. of Barge Rope
1 Humidifier Tank
1 Metal Sign
1 Message in a Bottle – Jar Joke

Tires:  .0175 tons
Trash:  .76 tons
Scrap Metal:  .025 tons

Total Tonnage:  .8 Tons  ~ (nearly 1 Ton!!!)

To view all photos from "Day on the River", please visit our Flickr album! 

Click here to view photos of the Kansas City Watershed Festival "Recycle Relay Race"  

October 29, 2013

KC River Clean-up Results 2013

Kansas City Missouri River Clean-up
La Benite Park, Kansas City, MO
October 5th, 2013
Total Volunteers:  289
MRR Crew:  22
Boats:  12  (5 Missouri River Relief, 5 MDC, 1 Burns & Mac, 1 Private)
River Miles: 10 (Missouri River miles 347-357)
River Level: 10 ft on the Kansas City gage
Tires: 25 Tires (approx. .4 tons)
Landfill Tonnage:  3.2 tons
Scrap Metal:  approx. .07 tons
Total Tonnage:  3.7 Tons!

Names of River Teams:  Jesse Gochenour Memorial Fund, River Rats Troop 332, Spider Monkeys, Green Inks, Cargills, Frog Legs, Lena, Lipton TeaBags, GAP, Obnoxious Otters, River Hawks, SeaLife, Evil Bleeding Fish, William Christman, Brownies, Mark Twain, Sharks, 6 Rocks, Brownies 2, Rockhurst, Mohawks, Americorps, OWWC, No Names, Stewart, Awesomer Brownies 3, Black Sheep, Mo Miscreants, Meercats, Jason’s Fam

Trash Tally!!!!

174 Bags of Trash
11 Tires on the Rim
9 Tires w/o Rim
1 Jet Ski
3 Propane Tanks
1 Fire Extinguisher
3 Florescent Light Ballasts
1 Trash Dispenser
1 Hinged Pillow
1 Stroller
1 Cooler
4 Chunks O’ Styrofoam
10 5-gal. Plastic Buckets
5 Orange Traffic Barrels
2 55- gal. Plastic Barrels
1 Chair Frame
1 Camp Chair
1 Shower Rod
1 plastic sidewalk Ashtray
1 Rubber Hose
1 Car Bumper
1 Engine Cover
1 Gas Tank
2 Hubcaps
1 Rubber Noodle
1 Plastic Slide
1 Ernie Doll (of Bert & Ernie)
1 Guitar Case
1 Soccer Ball
2 Basket Balls
½ of a Shopping Cart
1 Syringe
1 Chain Link Fence in pieces
15 lb metal Counter Weight
10 ton Screw Shackle
1 7-ft Metal Culvert filled with Stryofoam 
1 Metal Chest
22 yards of Heavy Barge Line
1 Fishing Pole
1 Boat Locker
7 Tent Poles
1 Swimming Pool Liner, Cover & Straps
1 PVC Pipe
Construction Fencing

See all of the photos from the 2013 Kansas City Missouri River Clean-up HERE.  More results and the story of the clean-up on our webpage.