March 30, 2020

Field Trip FAQ's for Adults & Kids

Who is Missouri River Relief? 
Missouri River Relief (MRR) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to connect people to the Missouri River. We do this through hands-on river clean-ups, education programs, and outreach events. Since our founding in 2001, MRR has hosted 184 Missouri River cleanups, bringing 27,865 volunteers to help remove more than 940 tons of trash and teaching over 25,852 students and teachers about the Missouri River. To learn more, visit

What type of boats will we be in? 
We will be on the Missouri River in a 24-foot open boat, with an aluminum plate and 115-horsepower marine motors. Each boat holds 10-12 passengers.

What types of activities could be involved in an educational field trip? 
Below is a sampling of some of the activities we like to include:

  • Station 1: Meet a Fisheries Biologist
Students get up close and personal with the fish that call the Missouri River home as they meet some of the scientists that are helping the river's ecosystem.

  • Station 2: Observation is a Skill
Using cottonwood forest as our laboratory, students will make careful observations and ask questions to learn about the plants found in the Missouri River bottom.

  • Station 3: Through the Eyes of an Explorer
Studying the observations and sketches from the scientific journals of Lewis and Clark, students will learn how to create a watercolor sketch of their own to bring home.

  • Station 4: Experience the River (Boat Ride)
Students will receive a one-of-a-kind learning experience that incorporates spectacular views of the Missouri River all while learning about the channelization of the river.

How is safety going to be handled on the river? 
Safety is our number one priority; we will provide all participants with a safety talk and lifejackets before going on the boat ride. Participants do not need to know how to swim because we will not be entering the water. Experienced boat captains pilot our 24-foot aluminum plate boats. All boat captains have completed boat operator training and are assisted by deckhands.

What should I tell a parent/guardian that is apprehensive about the field trip?  
There is several options; (1) have them contact Kristen Schulte the MRR Education Director. We would be happy to provide information about our safety practices, the river, and our motorboats. (2) invite them on the field trip so they can experience it first hand and/or (3) offer for their student to stay on land during the boat ride experience if they are specifically concerned about the boat experience.

What is the option for students not participating in the boat ride experience? 
If a parent/guardian chooses not to allow their child on the river, we will have the student stay on land and provide alternative supervised activities. Please note that if they are staying on land, we still need a signed risk release form.

The Risk Release form contains a photo/media consent clause. I do not want anyone taking pictures of my child. What can I do? Please go ahead and sign the risk release form and write in that you do not give permission for photos or media. We will arrange for that request.

What if my student needs additional support during the field trip? 
If you have a student that needs additional support (i.e., mobility, visual or hearing impairments), please let Kristen Schulte at know ahead of time, and we can make arrangements and/or accommodations.

How should participants prepare for a field trip?
Below are the basic ways to come prepared:
Dress comfortably; bring a jacket and hat and come prepared for the weather.
Wear sturdy footwear that you are willing to get muddy. (i.e., sneakers/boots, no sandals)
Water bottle and sunscreen.

Will we receive photos from our field trip? 
Yes, Missouri River Relief will post photos on our Flickr account for you to download at We also encourage teachers to bring their cameras to take photos as well, as we will not be able to get a picture of every student during the program.

Is Missouri River Relief on Social Media? 
Yes, we have a Facebook Page that we encourage you to visit, check out and like us. 

FAQ’s for Kids!

Are there sharks?
No, but there are some fish that could weigh up to 100 pounds or more!

Do we get to go swimming in the river?
Not today.

How fast can the boat go? 
Faster than a wooden canoe. If you sped down a hill on your bike as fast as you could possibly go, about that fast; 25-30 mph.

Do I have to go on the boat ride (I’m feeling a little scared)?
Some things that are fun can also be a little scary. Luckily our boat operators are top notch boat captains, here to make sure you are safe and that your experience is rewarding. Anything we can do to make you feel safer, we will do.

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