April 14, 2007

Glasgow Clean-up Results

Glasgow, MO, Missouri River Clean-up
April 14, 2007
Stump Island Park

Total Volunteers: 46
River Relief Core Crew: 32
River Miles: 9.5 (210.5-211.5 (right bank), 222-229 (both banks), 1.5 miles of Little Chariton River)
Tons of Landfill Trash: 2.1 tons
Tons of Scrap Metal: 2.5 tons
Tires: 90 (45 with rims, 45 without)
Number of Boats: 3 Missouri River Relief boats
Groups Represented: Girl Scout Troop 955, Friends of Big Muddy

Partial List of Trash recovered:
(Trash was not completely tallied, these are a sample of what was recovered)
90 tires
5 55-gallon metal barrels
2 refrigerators
1 accordion
1 100 gallon steel water tank
2 Coast Guard buoys
2 car batteries
25 metal studs with copper wiring
15 sheets of roofing tin
2 truck springs
10 metal tent frame joints
4 large bags full of asphalt shingles
3 55-gallon plastic barrels
7 basketballs
1 full set of Cadillac hubcaps
1 mailbox (no mail)
Several bags of old clothing
9 refrigerant canisters
Steel Door
Liberty Bell coffee can
A set of hand tools
Window squeegee

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