May 6, 2008

Hartsburg Trash Tally!!!

Hartsburg Missouri River Clean-up
April 26, 2008
MDC Hartsburg Public River Access
photos by Dory Colbert & Lindsay Tempinson

Total Volunteers: 161
MRR Crew: 31
Boats: 11 [2 US Fish & Wildlife; 3 MO Dept. of Conservation; 4 MO River Relief; 2 Southern Boone County FD (safety)]
Rivermiles: 12 (155-167), plus 2 road miles
Scrap Tons: .77 tons
Landfill Tons: (still awaiting results...)
Tires: 78
River level: 18.7 feet (Boonville gage)
Names of River Teams: “The Mudpuppies, Hang Tite, FFF, Eagles, Mutts, the Sturgeons, Oh Shoot!, Wal-Mart River Rats, Redbudders, the Copperheads, the Nameless, the Morels, The Last One”

Trash Tally!!!
Note – because each bag of trash was sorted for recyclables at this clean-up, the list is much more detailed and interesting than many others! Still, this is by no means everything that came in...
197 Large Bags of Trash (at very least)
3 refrigerators
1 washing machine
1 hot water heater
1 message in a bottle (from May 2007, Boonville Bridge)
1 plastic bottle with $5 bill sealed inside
6 refrigerator doors
1 large propane tank
15 campstove propane tanks
4 gas tanks
1 car gas tank
2 boxsprings
11 large chunks of dock Styrofoam
7 coolers
6 five-gallon plastic buckets
3 large plastic planters
2 55-gallon metal drums
2 55-gallon plastic barrels
1 red Coast Guard buoy
1 pair of long johns
1 child’s car seat
2 Christmas light bulbs
Too many cans of Skoal to count
11 fishing bobbers
1 plastic green pepper
2 water bottles held together with shoestring
1 plastic boat propeller
3 tennis shoes
Too many prescription medicine bottles to count
1 plastic bowling pin
1 plastic bowling ball
11 baseballs/softballs (including one Atlanta Braves souvenir soft baseball)
8 basketballs
14 tennis balls
2 soccer balls
7 light bulbs
1 street hocky puck
5 footballs
5 golf balls (a ridiculous underestimate)
More than 16 random kid’s balls (including 1 Winnie-the-Pooh ball)
1 plastic dinosaur tail
1 Jar-Jar (Star Wars) frisbee
1 bike helmet
1 can Milwalkee’s Best Light (full)
1 can Busch Light (full)
1 ice cube tray
1 doll head
1 garbage can lid
1 safety helmet
1 wheelbarrel handle
1 booster seat
1 minnow trap
1 diaper
1 easter egg
1 Air Slice Frisbee
1 pink bike seat
1 plastic cheese slice
1 coozie cupholder
4 flip flop sandals
1 crate
1 oil filter
1 Northern Cheyenne Nation Boys & Girls Club water bottle
1 three-wheeler bike tire
1 cat litter box
1 fire extinguisher
1 stuffed dog
1 toy metal Jeep front
1 TV transistor
One set of New Testament audio cassettes
1 jar of electronic parts
3 Big Wheel trikes
1 toilet bowl float
1 tool case full of mud
1 orange plastic 1975 Ford Pinto
One foam letter “K” (note – on each mid-Missouri clean-up for the past three years we’ve been finding these foam alphabet letters, sometimes the letters themselves, sometimes the piece of foam they were punched out of….did somebody lose a daycare center upstream somewhere?)

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