June 18, 2008

Goat Island Trash Tally!

Goat Island Clean-up
May 16, 2008
Missouri National Recreational River
photos by Paul Lepisto and Melanie Cheney

On May 16, a crew of 23 River Relief diehards joined up with the US Army Corps of Engineers, the National Park Service and the Izaac Walton League for a unique clean-up of Goat Island, a no-mans-land of sorts located between Yankton and Vermillion, S.D. on the unchannelized Missouri National Recreational River.
The mission of the clean-up was to rid the island of the remains of a cattle operation run on the island a couple decades ago. From barbed wire to stock tanks and cattle panels, we rounded up the junk and shipped it off the island by boat.
We'll post more stuff here about this fascinating place as we have time to do so, but in the meantime check out our tally below and PLEASE check out MRR crewmember Dylan Lehrbaum's awesome blog (with awesome photos) about the adventure at:http://dylbug.blogspot.com/2008/05/yankton-clean-up.html

Here's some more photos - https://www.flickr.com/photos/riverrelief/sets/72157613166079718/
Goat Island Trash Tally!
Scrap Tons – 1.5 tons
Landfill Trash – approx .5 tons

10 55 gallon plastic barrels
½ 55 gallon plastic barrel retrofitted as a toilet
1 55 gallon metal drum
1 recliner
¾ of a sofa
332 feet of wooden snow fence
(at least) 300 yards of triple strand barbed wire (every piece on the island!)
47 16X8 foot metal fence sections
19 curved corral fence sections
49 t-posts

1 chaise lounge lawn chair
2 tire rims
6 tires
1 8-foot diameter, 3-foot deep stock tank
2 refrigerator doors
5 sheets of roofing tin
2 car batteries
7 grills
12 sheets of misc plywood

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