March 11, 2009

Cabin fever brings 43 out to River Relief's First Litter Pick-up of the Year!

Old Plank/River Rd. Clean-up
Old Plank Rd. to Cooper's Landing, Easley, MO
February 7th, 2009

photos by Melanie Cheney
Stream Team: 1875
Total Volunteers: 43
Total Volunteer Hours: 107.5
Vehicles: 2 RR trucks w/ trailers, 1 VW van with a winkie
Roadmiles: 5
Recycle Tons: .2
Landfill Tons: .7
Tires: 1
Total Tonage: .9

Old Plank River Road Review

Saturday, February 7th was ourlast-minute Old Plank/River Road Clean-up for our Adopt-a-Road spots down by Cooper’s Landing. It was a beautiful day and a record amount of volunteers turned out for this fun little annual event.

Thanks & praises to all for your hard work - I drive that road everyday, and it is looking so beautiful! A big thanks to Mike Cooper for warming our bellies with
free coffee and chili!!! Thanks to Dylan and John Jansen for coming all the way from KC and Maryville – the MRR pickup and trailer were really helpful!

Also, thanks to Racin’ Dave, Diana, Ruthie, Jeanie and Dyan for helping put the box truck and kitchen back in order. We really appreciate it! This year, we had MUCH less trash than in previous years. I think we’ve finally gotten the background trash noise knocked out! And hopefully one of these days, those reckless, littering river road drivers will get the message.

For more results, stories and photos, check out Dylan’s super sweet blog for a complete rehash of the weekends wonderful river adventures at:

Trash Tally!

20 bags of recyclables
18 large bags of trash
1 box full of household chemicals
1 Water heater
1 Piece of aluminum ladder
1 Freezer
1 Tire
2 Lazy-boy chairs
3 Couches

A huge thanks to the Boone County Public Works for providing the Adopt-a-Road program and picking up our huge pile of trash every year!

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