July 20, 2009

On-the-River with the Travel Channel

Text and Photos by Vicki Richmond

Missouri River Relief has become a "go-to" group for "on-the-Missouri-River" experiences. We’ve become the people to call when inside information is needed about our river.

This weekend I had the unique opportunity to take some media types out on our little boat to shoot some unique views of the Kansas City skyline for a Travel Channel segment. Michael and I splashed the boat and enjoyed the opportunity to watch the Kit Bond Bridge construction from the water while we waited for a call form the producers.

We met the crew at Kaw Point on one of those days when it just pays to live in the Midwest. The sky was blue, the temperatures mild and the river just about deserted. We quickly set up the camera in the bow of the boat and began a slow motor toward the skyline.

Each of the video crew remarked that we had the river to ourselves. They were amazed at how lovely and scenic the river is, and how under appreciated it seemed. A lone kayak, headed downriver from Montana caught their eye, and then a fisherman motoring slowly past, enjoying his solitude, all made their way into the video footage.

I was interviewed about my feelings about the river, about the huge challenges facing it and the need to come together to look for new ways to manage it for all of its uses.

It was a great opportunity to give some perspective about our town, and our river and put a distinctive slant on it- River Relief style!

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River Notes said...

Vicki and Michael break the national news barrier! Yall make us proud!