March 24, 2008

River Otter Trash Tally!

River Otter Day Clean-up
March 22, 2008
Kansas City, MO

Here's the partial tally of trash from the River Otter Day Clean-up along the Missouri River in downtown Kansas City, MO, perfectly tallied by MRR crewmember Michael Richmond -

80 Blue or Black trash bags filled with trash
( bags were filled with plastic bottles, Styrofoam cups, misc. wrappers/papers, small metal objects, and forgotten treasures)
20 Mesh bags filled with glass
1 plastic chair
1 sign
1 ice cooler
10 plastic 5 gal buckets
15’ plastic pipe
1 4’ trout pillow (species not common in Missouri River)
1 white wicker chair
9 Rugs of assorted sizes
2’ x 4’ piece of ½” plywood
5 worn and tattered blue tarps
1 elec. Vacuum cleaner
1 15’ steel rod/bent
2 plastic hoses
1 metal bucket
1 Cadbury blue candy sign
1 rusty paint can
1 shopping cart
1 wire screen
1 rope
1 foam liner from full size sofa
1 15’ 2” steel pipe
1 blanket
1 plastic red milk crate
1 wood fence post (perhaps from the town of Kansas?)
1 mattress
1 small stuffed rabbit toy/ confirmed NOT to be the Easter Bunny
2 rusty mattress spring sets
1 folding camp chair, badly worn
2 orange safety cone
1 4’ x 8’ sheet of ½’ plywood
1 2 ½’ plastic hose, 25’ in length
1 2’ x 6’ steel floor grate
1 double brown steel kitchen sink, w/o faucet
1 4’ plumbing rusty pipe drain
1 elec. Panel
1 auto gas tank
misc. scrap metal
1 rusty chair springs
1 window AC box w/o insides
1 toaster oven but no toast
1 ball busing compressor from refrigerator
misc. parts to old washing machine
4’ wire cable
1 phonograph turn table
1 6’ rope with noose
10 tires
1 stove
1 dumpster filled with bricks/concrete blocks, misc. metal and approx. 15 bags of trash, and mesh bags of glass items.

New friendships, a beautiful day, and a litter free riverfront!


Evie said...

I'm so glad your helping this river! I live upstream in Vermillion South Dakota and enjoy the Missouri so much! Unfortunately though, And oil refinery wants to build right by the river. We are working to do everything we can to make sure that refinery isn't built there. Thanks for helping downstream, and we will keep helping upstream so that you don't have as much work to do downstream!

River Notes said...

Thanks for everything you're doing up there, Evie!
We'll be up in your direction on May 17 for the Yankton Clean-up on the Missouri River. Hope you'll come and bring some friends (and musical instruments). We'll be in Sioux City on June 7.
To get on our email list, send a note to
See you on the river!

Evie said...

I am wondering if you would be able to come to our Earth Day Celebration on the University of South Dakota's campus. We are trying to make this years Earth Day Celebration really big because we believe many of our students are finally understanding how important the Environment is. Being that we are right on the Missouri River, and close to the site where the Hyperion Oil Refinery will possibly be built this is a critical time for our river and we could sure use your help! Please let us know if you are able to join us for Earth day!

Evie Johnson

River Notes said...

Evie - we won't be able to come - we live down in central and west Missouri and have our own clean-ups and Earth Day events we're attending. If you shoot me an email, though, I can let you know of some Missouri River related organizations in your area that might be interested if they aren't busy.
Keep up the great work!