March 24, 2008

Spring Cleaning along the Riverfront Heritage Trail

River Otter Day Clean-up
March 22, 2008
Riverfront Heritage Trail, future Wetlands Ecosystem Restoration Project,
historic Town of Kansas

Kansas City, MO

photos copyright 2008 by Michael and Vicki Richmond

The second annual River Otter Day kept up a tradition started last year – postponement due to snow on the ground. Saturday, March 22 was our “Plan B” date, and luckily the weather was fantastic.

The annual Kansas City Riverfront clean-up was originally instigated by the Port Authority of Kansas City, who is hard at work renovating land around the Riverfront Heritage Trail and the Main Street Pier, at the historic site of the Town of Kansas on the Missouri River. Also in the works is a pedestrian/bike overpass connecting the Riverfront Heritage Trail to Berkley Riverfront Park.

They led the way again this year, bringing MRR Western Reach Manager Vicki Richmond in on the planning and execution.

Over 50 volunteers showed up, working hard all morning to remove every piece of trash they could find along the trail and at the future site of the Port Authority’s Wetland Ecosystem Restoration Project, which will return portions of the riverside land to restored wet prairie. They again cleared off the lonely piling below the pier, requiring a ladder and broom. Other crews crawled into the railroad “roundhouse”, cleaning out piles of old garbage.

In addition to Missouri River Relief KC crewmembers, there were folks from the Little Blue River Watershed Coalition, the newly formed Wal-Mart Stream Team, the local Downtown Community Improvement District, Alligator Cove Stream Team #1876, Friends of Riverfront Park, the Port Authority of Kansas City, Kansas City Power & Light and other area groups. Some of the energy built up in the previous weekend's Kansas City Area Stream Team Conference carried over to the effort, giving folks a chance to act right away after being inspired at the Conference. Thanks to everyone for pitching in.

Click here for the NBC coverage...

Check out the Trash Tally below to see what all these busy hands came up with!

Special Thanks to our Sponsors and Partners in this effort!
Port Authority of Kansas City (clean-up hosts & MRR sponsor)
Kansas City Power & Light (MRR sponsor)
First & Main Lofts
Eljay's Coffeehouse
Cafe al Dente
Planet Sub
Missouri Stream Team

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