October 3, 2011

10th Anniversary River Blessing

Given by Tim Nigh during River Relief’s 10th Anniversary Dinner Celebration at Cooper’s Landing, September 21st, 2011

10 Years of Good Clean/Trashy Fun!

Good evening friends and fellow river enthusiasts.
Let’s take a moment to pause in reflection and thanks…

O Great Spirit
The Missouri River is a beautiful and powerful force in our lives.
We come to her banks on this lovely evening to renew our connections to you,
Our connections to the Earth, and our connections to each other.

We are grateful for this opportunity to gather with friends,
To share stories and experiences,
and to reflect on a decade of activities on behalf of the Missouri River.

Ten years ago, the Big Muddy was singing the blues,
and we (all of us) decided to do something about the tires, barrels, Refrigerators, buckets, bottles, cans and other trash that littered her banks.

She was a mess.

Tonight, ten years later, after thousands have gotten their feet wet picking up Hundreds of tons of trash, along over 600 miles of her banks...

We believe that the Big Muddy is rejoicing and celebrating with us,
Right here, right now.

We are so proud of what we have done and we are prepared to do more.

O Great Spirit!

Thanks for this meal, thanks for this night and thanks for this river.

Can I get an Amen!?  Amen!

10 Years of Good Clean/Trashy Fun!

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