October 5, 2011

Hermann Clean Sweep Oct. 4th-10th

Hermann Big Muddy Clean Sweep 2011
Missouri River Relief kicked off the Hermann Clean Sweep with 2 days of awesome education events with the Hermann area schools.  Being able to take kids out on the river to actually clean up trash is where it's at!  133 students from St. George Catholic, Hermann Middle School, Owensville Dutchman High School, and Owensville Middle School came out over 2 days to help us clean up the Big Muddy!

Hermann Big Muddy Clean Sweep 2011

Hermann Big Muddy Clean Sweep 2011

Hermann Big Muddy Clean Sweep 2011
Hermann Big Muddy Clean Sweep 2011
One of them even caught an Asian Carp! 
Hermann Clean Sweep in the news: 
On Friday, as is typical before a big clean-up on the river, our barge team went out and scouted the river for trashy areas, marking sites with our big blue Stream Team bags, and then set up a booth at the boat ramp on Saturday morning to take people out on the river despite Octoberfest activities going on in down town Hermann.
Lucky for us, a few locals & families showed up at 9 a.m. as well as the Arnold boys (aka the Mighty Stream Team 211 from St. Louis) to help the River Relief crew clean-up.  By 10 a.m., seven Lincoln University students in the MANNRS organization (Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences) came out to clean up as well!
In all, 26 people signed up in addition to 20 of Missouri River Relief's "hard core crew" to clean up 14 miles of river!  

Here is the trash tally from the Hermann Clean Sweep:
166 bags of trash
80 yards of orange pvc water pipe
18.5 tires
12 - 55 gallon plastic barrels

3 tire inner tubes Hermann Big Muddy Clean Sweep 2011

3 propane tanks
2 refrigerators
2 freezers
2 ginormous tanks = to 300 gallons
1 picnic table
1 cable buoy
1 trash can
2 - 10 gallon tubs
1 - 10 lb propane tank
6 chairs
3 fence polesRiver Clean-up Barge
4 heavy chunks of metal
1 panel of corrugated metal
2 - 30 gallon garbage cans
2 rail road spikes
51 metal posts
9 pieces of rebar
26 feet of iron pipe
7 pieces of cable wire
1 disc brake
1 metal gas can
1 wire grate
1 motorcycle helmet
7 - 5 gallon plastic buckets
4 propane tanks
2 coolers
1 hot water heaterHermann Big Muddy Clean Sweep 2011
1 tv vacuum tube
1 baseball hat
1 dishwasher shelf
1 plastic swimming pool
1 refrigerator door
1 radiator
1 "do not dig" sign
4-wheeler fender

8 good planks of lumber
2 buoys
1 cow skull
1 huge undergound gas tank (girl team score)
2 hunks o' styrofoam
10 pieces of braided cable
2x5 foot piece of corrugated plastic truck liner
25 feet of erosion control honey comb plastic
1 mop bucket
3 foot round plastic oil tubHermann Big Muddy Clean Sweep 2011
1 pesticide sprayer
1 3-gallon paint can
1 message in a blottle
1 plastic scooby ketchup bottle
1 palm tree mylar balloon
1 metal can of car wax

Hermann Big Muddy Clean Sweep 2011

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