October 11, 2011

Food Angels and tasty donations

Here at River Relief, we know that the key to happy, healthy volunteers is good food. At most of our cleanups we designate a "Food Angel" to make sure there are good, fresh-cooked meals for our crew volunteers.

On the Big Muddy Clean Sweep, Tim Nigh is our head Food Angel, shopping, planning meals and cooking 'em up for us. There's nothing like coming back from a trash wrangle at 6 p.m. and knowing you're about to eat great food. Thank you so much Tim!! Liz Doubet was our Co-Food Angel for many events, adding her touch of love to our meals - and the best carrot-orange-ginger birthday cake ever!

But, along with donations from a bunch of businesses and organizations as well as food gifted by friends, we have a lot of Food Angels to thank. Here's a running list (we'll update as we get a chance)

Food Vendor Donations
Clovers Natural Foods
Patchwork Family Farms - we've been eating the best ham and bacon in the state! Thanks guys!

Kansas City
Michael Richmond - one of our longtime food angels.
North Central Neighbors - cooked lunch for our volunteers!

Dee Kinnard - really helped out with our Banquet - Thanks Dee!
Jay Winkler (the Smokin' Hermit) - smoked our Banquet hog and donated a bunch of really great homemade BBQ sauce
Jack's Gourmet - yummies for our banquet
Broadway Brewery - a full keg of their tasty microbrew - it was Summer Ale and was fantastic!
Melanie Cheney, Liz Doubet, Gale Lauber Johnson, Racin' Dave and the rest of our great Banquet committee - thanks ladies (and dude)!

Jefferson City 
Soda Popp - fried up some of his tasty fresh catfish and potatoes.
Wears Creek "Creek Squad" - they took care of our great volunteer lunches.

Theresa Black and Debbie Bruno from Hermann Catering - she and her crew donated a complete dinner for the barge crew after the cleanup. So sweet!

Alan Rost - Catfisherman came to the barge with his frier and a bunch of fresh fish. Great way to start off our stay in lovely Washington! He also left us with a huge bag of great sausages we are still eating.
Cody, the Labadie Chef - she's catering our Fundraiser Barge Dinner. What a creative and skillful event planner!
MannWell's Coffee Alley - Cheryl and the crew hosted our Welcome Party, and she even baked a pan of blackberry cobbler for us to take to the barge.
Augusta Brewing Company and John G's Bier Deck - Donated beer to our Fundraising Barge Dinner and brought a beer booth to the River Festival.
Blumenhof Winery - donated wine for our Fundraising Dinner.

St. Charles
Jen Branstedder - A River Cleanup barge veteran, she graced us for several days with gourmet Mac & Cheeze and lasagna.

Case Baum - tasty baked treats
Andy Bugh - came on board for a week during his paddle from Montana to the Gulf and served as co-food angel! Thanks Andy!
Alicia Pigg - ask for her recipe of chocolate pudding cakey tastiness.
Missouri American Water - brought a great lunch to the barge and invited mayors and water leaders from the metro area.
Big Muddy Adventures - Mike Clark and Betsy Tribble whipped up a cajun pasta delight
The River Gods - gave us a loose jug line with two blue cats on it. Tim Nigh cooked them up for breakfast!

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